Social Networking Reimagined

Imagine seeing someone across the room at your favorite bar, or on the opposite side of the classroom at the start of a new semester. You’d like to strike up a conversation with them, but you don’t know where to start.

Chatscene revolutionizes the way people socialize by making it easier than ever to start new relationships. First, Chatscene provides users with a list of other users within a radius of approximately 1,000 feet. Users are then free to browse profiles for each person within the radius. Profiles contain basic information such as age, mutual likes, mutual friends, and a brief description, providing a wide variety of conversation starters and topics. After browsing profiles, users can then message each other using the in-app Chat feature, rather than having to share phone numbers or personal information.


Locate the best local bars and clubs and see how many users and friends are currently there in real time! Chatscene leverages the power of the Foursquare database combined with our own proprietary technology to display information and activity levels for the most popular venues across virtually the entire world.


Chatscene utilizes Facebook login to provide the most secure and efficient social experience possible. Facebook integration allows users to create a detailed profile in mere seconds, and without having to enter any login information whatsoever. It also allows for the reliable authentication of users, which helps to prevent the creation of fake profiles.


Chatscene is both completely free and secure. Profiles only contain basic information about a user by default, and any user can be blocked with a single tap. Full names and locations are never shared with other users. The app only displays users that are within approximately 1,000 feet of the device, and stealth mode even allows users to turn off location services entirely.